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About Us

Make Your Wedding Wish relies on the generosity of individuals and businesses to help grant wedding wishes for our couples. We serve couples that are facing major life changing experiences, like a terminal illness or a major financial loss.

We can also assist with counseling services that could prevent a family from being separated by divorce. You can help those couples in need by donating your time, products and services to make their wedding wish.

Mission: Our mission is to provide assistance to special couples in need.
Whether financial or material goods and/or services to help create special moments of a lifetime.

Vision: To promote family, togetherness, oneness and to prove that

LOVE WINS against everything.


“Not in a million years did I expect you to read my mind, but you did. Thank you for everything Make Your Wedding Wish”

Erin Casiina
Erin Casiina

“This was a dream come true for the both of us and we never could have done it without Make Your Wedding Wish. Thank you so much!”

Elisa Mender
Elisa Mender
Marketing Director