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Wedding Registry

Make your Wedding Wish grants wedding and vow renewal wishes. Wishes are but not limited to terminal illnesses, financial hardships, “special circumstances.” Priority is given to couples facing life-threatening illness and other accommodations are made according to our available resources.

Terms and Conditions; Cancellation of Services

Terms & Conditions; Cancellation of Award/Wish (for Application)

By agreeing the applicant has reviewed and understands what is included in the Make Your Wedding Wish Inc.   

All applicants must be over the age of 18, legal citizens of the United States, and must agree to a full background check. Background checks with felony convictions will be approved on a case by case basis. All applicants will agree to submit a Medical Information Release Form as well as a local state-mandated HIPAA form, to allow the Make Your Wedding Wish Inc. to review and confirm medical history if needed. All applicants may be asked to participate in press and media opportunities for the promotion of the organization. In some cases, applicants may be asked as well as be willing to have the details of their award filmed and/or recorded. Specific awards, gifts, prizes, venues, venue dates, and locations are never guaranteed. Make Your Wedding Wish Inc. will never provide alcohol and is not responsible for any alcohol-related incidents that may occur. Applicants must agree that when a reward is received/ granted the applicant is expected to donate 25% of the amount of the prize back to the organization to pay it forward to another couple in need. 

Make Your Wedding Wish Inc. reserves the right to cancel an award after it has been granted for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to: false information provided by an Applicant, an Applicant breaking any part of the Award Agreement contract or information that may be presented that would cause negative impact to the organization. Please acknowledge that each applicant has read the information, or been notified of the information via by a caretaker or responsible family member or friend above.

  Criminal Background Checks

All Applicants are required to undergo a complete criminal background check prior to being approved for

an award. Please note if an applicant or partner has been convicted of a felony.

Having a Criminal Background does not disqualify an applicant