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Volunteers/Granter Guidelines

Make Your Wedding Wish Inc. relies on the generosity of business owners, representatives and volunteers to provide many of the products and services we donate to our recipients.

Make Your Wedding Wish does not provide transportation or travel accommodations. All media interaction associated with our award/wish must be directed to our Make Your Wedding Wish management. Granters/ Volunteers are not permitted to seek out media attention on their own. Should you be selected to grant an award or volunteer services, you will be contacted by the organization and requested to confirm your participation within 48 hours of contact. Volunteers/ Granters that have not filled out the online application will not be allowed to participate. Volunteers/ Granters that have not submitted a signed contract (provided by the organization) after being contacted to grant an award will not be allowed to participate. All Applications are considered in the order that they are received. *

  • Amount of time you are willing to donate
  • (If business owner, or representing a business)
  • (If you are unsure, please list the average dollar value for your region of said donation)
  • (Describe in great detail)


Thank You for Your Application!

We appreciate the time you took to tell us about yourself and or your business!  Should a need arise; you may be called upon to grant an award or provide services to make a Wedding Wish!